Wednesday, June 16, 2010

finding home

i am currently reading keith haring journals. his insights and thoughts on art and life are very enlightening for me who also aspires to be like him someday. i wanted to highlight all the words that seemed to struck me, but i thought it would be a weird thing to do since i only (get to read) in a jeepney or an fx on my way to work. i wish i had time to read more, but it seems like there's just so much to do when i reach home. so i try to enjoy my reading time as much as i can and pray that the ride i'm getting onto does not listen to the radio station with very loud dj's.

i would like to share a part from his journal:

Thoughts about the "effect" of art on the viewer.
Human response (instinctive): people respond
physically to size
psychologically to color
emotionally to recognizable objects
conceptually to ideas
emotionally to excessive negativism
physically to sound
physically to movement.

-keith haring, from his journal 1979

i couldn't agree more. his observations about how things around us affect us is so true, which made me think about my art, how i would usually place objects that mean something to me, though i am not sure if other people would be able to relate, i just always made it a point that i place a part of "me" in my boxes.

artwork entitled: finding home, y2009

Friday, June 11, 2010

rubber duckies make me smile

i have this weird feeling since last night, the feeling that puts me a bit under the weather. good thing my rubber duckies at work make me smile.