Friday, March 12, 2010

letter to the universe

Dear Universe,

My friend Tweet told me that if I want something so badly I have to shout it to you so that hopefully you'll grant my wish. I wish that you'll improve Nuki's health and that everything will be ok with him. I hope he'll breeze through his operation and can easily get back on track. He is a good person and he promised to be a Ninong at my wedding.

Thank you,

Monday, March 8, 2010


During the 80's in the Japanese show Bioman, Ace was Red1, Ryan was Green2, Jack was Blue3, I was Yellow4 and Ate Zel was Pink5. As much as I wasnted to be Pink5, because she was cuter, I was ok to being Yellow4 because I loved my cousin Zel. She was my playmate and best friend; we would go around the neighborhood together, wear the same clothes and have the same playmates. Even as we were already grown-ups we have shared our own set of ups and downs and we always there for each other.

Last Saturday, something bad happened to her and I know now that she's hurting, I am hurting too. I hope that time will be able to bring back a smile on her face again and more love in her heart.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Two Right Hands

It was an artwork I created for an all women art festival in Thailand that did not push through because of the civilian issues they had last year. The artworks were supposed to tackle issues of women and I mine was inspired by the single parents who raised their kids on their own. For the women who stood as the mother and father to their children.Like having two right hands working and rearing at the same time.